Tools and Features

Document Creation

This tool is especially useful if you need to create documents quickly and efficiently. With iLegal® Solutions©, you can access a library of pre-set bilingual (English, Arabic) document templates that can be easily filled with your specific content. Also, in case you need more content customization, you can create a new template with easily modifiable text, clauses, and formatting.

Document Review

This tool can help reduce the risk of errors in documents and ensure the content is accurate, consistent and compliant with an organization’s requirements. For an individual user, the platform provides a pre-set list of the most common words relevant for that particular document type.

Document translation

With this tool, you may convert the language of a document from one language to another quickly and easily. It is particularly useful for when a bilingual document is required to be signed between two parties or to adhere to local authority requirements. You can further have the document vetted and

Document Validation

You can efficiently and confidently verify the authenticity of a document with this tool. iLegal® Solutions© uses blockchain technology to validate document authenticity, ensuring that the document has not been altered after it is created on the platform and reducing the need for time consuming manual


This tool allows you to extract information more efficiently from multiple or large documents and use it to create new ones.Simply upload scanned documents to the iLegal® Solutions© platform and set up key types of information for the tool to look for. The platform utilizes machine learning algorithms to extract the needed information and consolidate content accordingly in a new document.

Legal Advisory Support*

Legal advisory support is offered through and for the services offered on the platform. However, additional legal advisory support may be offered outside the context of the platform on case-by-case basis, in the event you would like to opt for this option, kindly contact us and indicate in the subject “Request for Legal Advisory Support Retainer”.

iLegal® Summarizer

This tool is useful if you need to quickly identify the core points of extensive content, primarily designed to help with documents of legal nature or similar. It is powered by artificial intelligence software utilizing cutting edge machine learning algorithms.

iLegal® Chatbot Assistant

This is an innovative tool designed to assist users in navigating complex regulations of specific jurisdictions (Jordan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates). Leveraging state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, it provides concise answers to questions related to laws and regulations helping you to understand and clarify regulatory requirements without the need for extensive research.

*Powered by iLegal Solutions Limited, a regulated legal consultancy firm based in the RAKDAO, UAE, holding license number 07010134.